Conversations with APHCRI

‘APHCRI Conversations’ is a regular program of presentations held at the Department of Health to facilitate exchange between APHCRI Network researchers and Department policymakers. Topics are developed jointly with the Department of Health and involve a range of speakers from APHCRI, including CRE invited experts, CRE Chief Investigators and stream project Chief Investigators.

An example of Departmental use of policy findings is the case of the project from the vulnerable consumer stream, ‘How can the primary health care system better support Aboriginal people released from prison?’, where the Department used the policy recommendations and funded a pilot project called ‘Returning home, back to the Community from Custodial Care.’ Three Medicare Locals sites (Townsville-Mackay, Goldfields-Midwest and Western Sydney) were funded for $1million to pilot an effective model for women returning back to the community from prison.

Past Conversations presentations are listed below.


Presenter: Professor Mark Harris, UNSW Scientia Professor and Executive Director Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity and Director of COMPaRE-PHC (Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care)
Title: Why is it so hard to help people to lose weight? (PDF 2.14MB)
Date: Wednesday 9th December, 2015

Presenter: Professor Claire Jackson, Centre of research Excellence in Primary Care Quality, Governance and Sustainability, University of Queensland
TitleInternational Experiences of Primary Health Care – linkages and lessons for Australia (PDF 1.47MB)
Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015

Presenter: Professor Alan Cass, Director, Menzies School of Health Research, Kanyini Vascular Collaboration Chief Investigator
TitleWhat are the big Commonwealth challenges in addressing chronic disease for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? (PDF 4MB)
Date: Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Presenter: Dr Paresh Dawda, Visiting Fellow, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, School of Population Health, The Australian National University
TitleTransitions of care – an opportunity for improved patient outcomes and experience, and reduced cost (1.3MB)
Date: Thursday 2 July 2015

Presenter: A/Prof Kees van Gool and Prof Jane Hall, Research Excellence in Finance and Economics of Primary Care, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, University of Technology Sydney
Title: International trends in the funding and financing of primary care: comparing the incomparable? (PDF 1MB)
Date: Thursday 30 April 2015

Presenter: Professor Jane Hall, Research Excellence in Finance and Economics of Primary Care, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, University of Technology Sydney
Title: Are current primary health care funding arrangements getting us where we want to go? (PDF 1.1MB)
Date: Wednesday 18 March 2015
Note: This presentation is not to be reproduced or cited without written permission from Professor Hall.

Presenter: Emeritus Professor Chris van Weel, Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands.
Title: The development and implementation of major primary health care reforms in the Netherlands (PDF 1MB)
Date: Tuesday 24 February 2015


Alan Clough (PhD, Associate Professor), Community-based Health Promotion and Prevention Studies Group, Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, Cairns

Alcohol control policies (AMPs) in Indigenous communities in Queensland: Is a focus on supply control sustainable? (PDF 1.54MB)

Brown, V., Fuller, J., Dunbar, J., Ford, D. CRE in Primary Health Care Microsystems, APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence

The enablers and barriers for the uptake, utilization, sustainability and spread of primary health care collaboratives in Australia (PDF 878KB)

Professor Grant Russell, Monash University, Australia; Professor Jeannie Haggerty, McGill University, Canada;

IMPACT – An Australian and Canadian collaboration to improve access to primary health care for vulnerable populations (PDF 1.23MB)

Centre of Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care, seminar to the Department of Health, Canberra. 12 August 2014

Access & equity in the provision of primary health care services in rural and remote Australia (PDF 985KB)

Chris van Weel, Emeritus Professor of General Practice RU Nijmegen, Professor of Primary Health Care Research ANU

Innovative approaches to service and funding for primary health care development in the Netherlands and Europe (PDF 1.09MB)

Robyn McDermott, DoH Roundtable, December 4, 2014

CRE in Prevention of chronic conditions in rural and remote high risk populations 2012 – 2015 (PDF 847KB)

Mark Harris, Catherine Spooner, Centre for Obesity Management & Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care

Improving the effectiveness of primary health care with obese patients (PDF 1.91MB)

Dr Len Crocomble, Chief Investigator, APHCRI Centre for Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care

Variations in access to oral health care in Australia and how might these be tackled? (PDF 772KB)

Professor Jane Hall, Research Excellence in Finance and Economics of Primary Care, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, University of Technology Sydney 

Title: Paying our GPs – is it all about money? (PDF 800KB)


Dea Delaney -Thiele AMSWS & Jane Lloyd UNSW on behalf of SPRINT team
SPRINT qualitative findings (PDF 852 KB)

Dr Annapurna Nori, Watto Purrunna Aboriginal Health Service
‘Y Health – Staying Deadly’ an Aboriginal Youth focussed translational action research project (PDF 1613 KB)

Professor James DunbarDr Mark Morgan & Kate Schlicht, Greater Green Triangle, University Department of Rural Health
What works in General Practice to improve outcomes in multimorbidity – the TrueBlue method (PDF 1459 KB)

Dr Len Crocombe, APHCRI Centre for Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care
Tackling the big issues in oral health policy (PDF 590 KB)

Mark Harris & Elizabeth Denney Wilson, COMPaRE – PHC (Center for Obesity Management & Prevention Research Excellence In Primary Health Care)
Effective weight management of obesity in PHC - multidisciplinary solutions for a wicked problem (PDF 1529 KB)

John Wakerman & John S Humphreys, Centre of Research in Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care
Access and equity in the provision of primary health care services in rural and remote Australia (PDF 417 KB)

Josée G Lavoie, University of Northern British Columbia
Contracting in First Nation contexts: pragmatic considerations (PDF 578 KB)

Dr Rebecca Rosen Senior Fellow, The Nuffield Trust

No Magic Bullets: lessons on integrated care from the English NHS (PDF 826KB)

Dr Virginia Lewis, La Trobe University

Overcoming barriers for transitioning vulnerable clients from targeted programs to mainstream primary care (PDF 191KB)

Grant Russell, Mark Harris, I-Hao Cheng et al

Coordinated primary health care for refugees: a best practice framework for Australia department of health series: what works to achieve better primary health care for vulnerable consumers? (PDF 710KB)

Dr Lisa Crossland, The University of Queensland

Developing high quality practice performance: The Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool (PC-PIT) (PDF 1MB)

Caroline Nicholson, University of Queensland

Development of a framework for integrated primary/secondary health care governance in Australia (PDF 944KB)


Dr Michele Foster Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and Human Services, University of Queensland
Utilisation of allied health services by people with chronic disease: differences across health insurance coverage and policy change (PDF 921 KB)

Dr Yordanka Krastev APHCRI Travelling Fellow 2011
Preventive guidelines and shared decision making in primary health care – reflections and lessons learned from the Netherlands (PDF 1.67 MB)

Professor David Weller, James Mackenzie Professor of General Practice. Edinburgh, Scotland
The role of primary care in cancer control: lessons for health care policy (PDF 665KB)

Professor Chris van Weel, Department of General Practice University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Effectiveness of care of patients & populations: exploring the determinants of the paradox of primary care (PDF 1.27MB)

Dr Judith Smith, The Nuffield Trust, UK, Visiting Researcher
Research, policy and practice: a view from the bridge (PDF 92KB)

Professor Alex Brown, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence for Intervention Research in Chronic Disease
Building better systems of care for Indigenous Australians with chronic disease (PDF 945KB)

Ms Caroline Nicholson, Mater UQ Centre for Primary Health Care Innovation, Mater Health Services, APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence in Primary Health Care Microsystems
Development of a framework for integrated primary/secondary health care governance in Australia (PDF 395KB)

Professor Claire Jackson, Professor James Dunbar, Dr Lisa Crossland, Dr Amr Abou Elnour, APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence in Primary Health Care Microsystems
Building primary care quality and performance via a clinical microsystems approach (PDF 399KB)

Professor Geoff Mitchell, University of Queensland
Associate Professor Sharon Lawn, Flinders University
2010 Interdisciplinary and/or cross-boundary primary health care research stream
Improving multidisciplinary primary health care delivery

Dr Robert L Phillips & Dr Andrew Bazemore, The Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care, USA, Visiting Researchers
Research-informed health policy: turning data into information to guide policy and improve health (PDF 3.96MB)

Professor Jean-Frédéric Levesque, Health Care System Analysis and Evaluation Directorate, National Public Health Institute of Quebec, Visiting Researcher
Wednesday 28 March 2012
Looking backward to move forward: insights from Canadian primary healthcare reform evaluations (PDF 826KB)

Professor Martin Roland, University of Cambridge, Visiting Researcher
What can Australia learn from current developments in primary care in the UK? (PDF 1.97MB)

Professor Jody Hoffer Gittell, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, USA, 2011 International Visiting Fellow
Relational coordination and high performing health systems (PDF 251KB)


Dr Lynn Kemp, University of New South Wales, Recipient of APHCRI 2010 Travelling Fellowship

Implementing nurse home visiting programs: international experiences

Slides (PDF 664KB)

Professor John Humphreys, Monash University

Professor John Wakerman, Centre for Remote Health

Associate Professor David Perkins, Cetnre for Remote Health Research, Broken Hill University

Chief Investigators, APCHRI Centre of Excellence for research in accessible and equitable primary health service provision in rural and remote Australia

Rural and remote workforce (CRE)

Slides (PDF 527KB)

Associate Professor Margaret Kelaher, University of Melbourne, Stream 14 Funding

Improving the identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian general practice 

Slides (PDF 150KB)

Associate Professor Rhian Parker, APHCRI Senior Research Fellow

How do we make best use of the primary health care nursing workforce and what will Australian consumers accept?

Slides (PDF 567KB)

Professor Jeffrey Fuller, Flinders University

Recipient of APHCRI 2010 Travelling Fellowship

How do we get effective collaboration in primary mental health care?

Slides (PDF 309KB)

Dr Brian Mittman, Director, Centre for Implementation Practice and Research Support, US Department of Veterans’ Affairs, 2011 APHCRI International Visiting Fellow

Achieving improvements in healthcare quality & performance: Roles & responsibilities for federal agencies

Professor Helen Christensen, Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU

Suicide prevention in Australia using online technologies

Slides (PDF 785KB)


Prof Jane Gunn, How can general practice tackle Australia's depression epidemic

Slides (PDF 795KB)

Prof Helen Christensen, Delivering effective mental health care

Slides (PDF 1.68MB)

Prof George Patton and Dr Lena Sanci, Advancing youth health through general practitioners

Prof George Patton Slides (PDF 878KB)

Dr Lena Sanci Slides (PDF 601KB)

Prof Nicholas Zwar, Chronic disease management in primary health care: from evidence to policy

Slides (PDF 163KB)

Dr Caroline Nicholson, Integration, co-ordination and multidisciplinary care in Australia - growth by optimal governance arrangements

Slides (PDF 879KB)

Dr Dennis Pashen, The Expanding Role of Generalists in Rural & Remote Health: A Systematic Review

Slides (PDF 2.35MB)

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