Lectures & presentations & workshops



Dr John Hussey, MBChB (Liverpool 1980); DRCOG; FRCGP, Integrated Services - "The Holy Grail" (PDF 2.18 MB)

Dr John Hussey, MBChB (Liverpool 1980); The Future Vision for Healthcare in the North (PDF 241 KB)



Dr Hernan Montenegro, Health Systems Advisor at World Health Organization shares key messages from his seminar on the role of primary health care in the context of the larger health system. He talks about the benefits of having health systems with a strong primary health care approach and the impacts of effective primary health care on equity and overall population health.

Professor Walter Rosser from School of Medicine, Queen’s University, Canada discusses key points from his roundtable discussion on unlocking the potential of General Practice. Professor Walter has been central to the reform of primary health care in Ontario, Canada. He tells the story of a journey from traditional medical services provided on a fee for service basis to the creation of multidisciplinary Family Health Teams.

Professor Nancy Edwards, Scientific Director Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Professor, University of Ottawa. Nancy presented on ‘Contexts, systems and networks: Key considerations in joining up and integrating implementation research to improve population health outcomes', commencing at slide 9 of the presentation.



Associate Professor Josée Lavoie University of Northern British Columbia
First Nation-managed healthcare organisations: opportunities, challenges & trends(YouTube)
Slides (PDF 1.2MB)


Professor Martin Fortin Director of Research, Department of Family Medicine, Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec), Director of Academic Research, Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Chicoutimi, Canada
Forming alliances to ensure better outcomes for patients with multi-morbidity (Audio, MP3 45MB)

Dr William Dietz Former Director of the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity in the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Clinical & community initiatives for obesity prevention & control (Audio, MP3 40 MB)


Dr Rebecca Rosen Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust & GP Vice Chair for Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group
No magic bullets: lessons on integrated care from the English National Health Service (YouTube) Slides (PDF 1MB)



Professor David Weller James Mackenzie Professor of General Practice, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
The role of primary care in cancer control: lessons for health care policy (YouTube)
Slides (PDF 6MB)


Professor Chris van Weel Professor and Head of the Department of General Practice University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Effectiveness of care of patients & populations: exploring the determinants of the paradox of primary care(YouTube)
Slides (PDF 1.26MB)


Dr Robert L Phillips & Dr Andrew Bazemore The Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care, USA
Research-informed health policy: turning data into information to guide policy and improve health(YouTube)
Slides (PDF 3.96MB)


Professor Martin Roland CBE Chair in Health Services Research at the University of Cambridge
Why does the UK keep investing in primary care? Is it really that effective? (YouTube)
Slides (PDF 1.2MB)


Professor Jody Hoffer Gittell Professor of Management, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
Transforming relationships for high performance in health services: a relational model of organisational change (YouTube)
Slides (PDF 501KB)


International Visiting Fellows

Professor Pim Cuijpers

Preventing the Depressed State (PDF 172KB) 

ANU Podcast

Dr Andrew Bazemore

Obamarama and the Audacity of Evidence for Health Reform in the United States (PDF 1.75MB)

ANU Podcast

Dr Julie Will

Designing community health and prevention programs to address the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged communities (PDF 1.21MB)

Dr Stephen Campbell

Does Pay for Performance Improve the Quality of Primary Care? (PDF 441KB)

ANU Podcast

Professor Kurt Stange

Working Towards a Connected Frontline Health System (PDF 1.09MB)

ANU Podcast

Professor Debra Humphris

Working Together for a Better Primary Health Care System (PDF 323KB)

ANU Podcast

Professor Frank Sullivan

E-health: One Giant Leap for the Health System (PDF 2.16MB) 

Dr Tikki Pang

Global Perspectives on Health Policy Development - From Evidence to Practice (PDF 3.32MB)

Dr Lee Ritterband

E-health and insomnia: An internet solution to a health workforce nightmare (PDF 2.75MB) 

Integrated Primary Health Care

Mr Robert Wells, Director APHCRI

Why focus on Primary Health Care in health reform process? (PDF 93KB)

Stream nine

Dr Rachel Lee

2008 Robert Graham Centre Travelling Fellowship (PDF 403KB)

Stream ten

Dr Jenny May

Skill Mix Translation - Top Down or Bottom Up? An International Comparison (PDF 90KB)

Prof Jane Gunn and Dr Victoria Palmer

Arranging Generalism in the 2020 Primary Health Care Team (PDF 275KB)

Dr Rhian Parker and Professor Helen Keleher

Preparing Nurses for Primary Health Care Reforms (PDF 135KB)

Professor James Dunbar

Chronic Disease Management Models as Examples of Organisational Developmental Approaches to Primary Care (PDF 1.1MB)

A/Prof Jill Thistlethwaite

Enhancing Primary Care and General Practice as a Career Choice (PDF 173KB)



Stream 13 - Drivers of successful primary health care

Margaret MacDonald, Courage Partners

Working with policy (PDF 62KB)

Dr Ian McRae, Research Fellow, APHCRI

Economic thinking in policy making (PDF 96KB)

Professor John Humphreys, Monash University

Systematic reviews, 'wicked' problems and policy development (PDF 115KB)

Laurann Yen, Research Fellow, APHCRI

Planning the year ahead (PDF 53KB)

Research conversations with APHCRI series

Dr Christine Phillips, The Australian General Practice Nurses Study, The Australian National University

General practices as interprofessional communities: the contribution of the practice nurse (PDF 136KB)

Dr Sarah Dennis, Senior Research Fellow, University of New South Wales

Who does what for the chronically ill in primary health care? (PDF 164KB)

International Visiting Fellows

Professor James Buchan, Professor of Social Sciences and Health Care, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Skill mix (PDF 26KB)

Dr Eric Larson, Senior Research Scientist, MEDEX, University of Washington

Growth and change in the US Physician Assistant workforce (PDF 239KB)

Helen Parker, Co-Director, Health Services Management Centre, Birmingham UK

Primary health care development in England (PDF 57KB)

Judith Smith, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Primary health care reform in New Zealand: how is it faring? (PDF 56KB)


Associate Professor Kirsty Douglas, APHCRI Acting Director

APHCRI evidence for chronic disease self management (258KB)

Linkage and exchange travelling Fellows presentations

In April participants in APHCRI's Linkage and Exchange Travelling Fellowship program and the 2007 APHCRI/Robert Graham Center Visiting Fellow gave a presentation about their findings to the Department of Health and Ageing in Canberra. The nine powerpoint presentations are below:

Professor John Wakerman and Professor John Humphreys

International rural and remote primary health care research linkage and exchange (PDF 62KB)

Dr Lucio Naccarella

Optimising the contextualisation of evidence for primary health care policy making (PDF 54KB)

Julie McDonald

Comparison of Canadian primary health care models (PDF 51KB)

Dr Lydia Hearn and Margaret Miller

Engaging families through primary care to prevent childhood obesity (PDF 226KB)

Dr Elizabeth McDonald

Interventions to prevent growth faltering in remote Indigenous communities (PDF 82KB)

Dr Sarah Dennis

Chronic disease management in the United Kingdom (PDF 91KB)

Associate Professor Kathleen Griffiths and Professor Helen Christensen

Models of e-mental health delivery (PDF 90KB)

Associate Professor Gawaine Powell Davies

Integration of care: experience from the Netherlands (PDF 53KB)

Associate Professor Kirsty Douglas

New models of primary health care - the evidence (PDF 266KB)



Karen Gardner, 5th Health Services & Policy Research Conference, Auckland

National quality and performance system for Divisions of General Practice: early reflections on a system under development (PDF 62KB)


Professor Chris van Weel, Visiting Fellow, APHCRI, ANU Public Lecture

Excellence in General Practice: An international challenge (PDF 117KB)

Professor Bonnie Sibbald, Visiting Fellow, APHCRI, APHCRI Forum

Role of Nurses in Primary Care (PDF 45KB)


Professor Helen Lester, Visiting Fellow, APHCRI, APHCRI Presentation

Quality Indicators in British General Practice: or, the pros and cons of performance related pay! (PDF 256KB)


Professor Nicholas Glasgow, Director, APHCRI, GPRA Meeting

Execellence in Training and the future GP workforce (PDF 270KB)

Judith Smith, Visiting Fellow, APHCRI, Stream Six workshop presentation

Experiences with systematic reviews of the 'messy' literature that informs policy (PDF 70KB)



Professor Nicholas Glasgow, Director, APHCRI, Stream Six Workshop One

Stream Six Research Program - Component One (PDF 418KB)

Lily Cheung, Stream Six Workshop One

Integration, co-ordination and multidisciplinary care in Australia: growth via optimal governance arrangements (PDF 211KB)

Lydia Hearn, Stream Six Workshop One

Preventing overweight and obesity in young children: synthesising the evidence for management and policy making (PDF 90KB)

Jennifer Tieman and Geoff Mitchell, Stream Six Workshop One

Investigating the literature on integration, co-ordination and multidisciplinary care (PDF 732KB)

Lucio Naccarella, Stream Six Workshop One

Reflections on narrative review of innovative models for comprehensive primary health care delivery (PDF 86KB)


Professor Nicholas Glasgow, Director, APHCRI, Queensland Divisions Forum

The Evidence for Primary Health Care (PDF 276KB)

Professor Christopher Dowrick, Professor of Primary Medical Care at the University of Liverpool, APHCRI seminar

Managing chronic disease: recent trends and implications for general practice (PDF 4.36MB)


Professor Nicholas Mays, Professor of Health Policy, Health Services Research Unit, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, APHCRI seminar

Evidence synthesis: making it useful for health policy makers and managers (PDF 105KB)

Earlier years



Huw Davies, Director, Centre for Public Policy & Management, University of St Andrews, Scotland

Understanding non-academic Research Impact (PDF 483KB)

Dr Beverly Sibthorpe, Deputy Director, APHCRI

Primary Health Care Financing: Lessons from the UK (PPT 188KB)


Dr Tikki Pang, Director, Research Policy & Cooperation, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

LOST IN TRANSLATION - Contemporary challenges in health research (PDF 1.42MB)

Mr Robert Wells, National Primary & Community Health Network

Primary Health Care in Australia: Overview and Future Options (PPT 183KB)


Professor Jonathan Lomas, Workshop Adelaide & Canberra

Intelligent Research Commissioning (PPT 868KB)

Professor Nicholas Glasgow, Dr Beverly Sibthorpe, Mr Robert Wells and Professor Jonathan Lomas

Innovation at the Research Policy Interface (PPT 600KB)

Dr Beverly Sibthorpe, Deputy Director, APHCRI, GP & PHC Research Conference

Divisions Reporting Framework (PDF 746KB)

Measuring performance in primary health care - comparing the Australian and New Zealand experience
Dr Beverly Sibthorpe(PDF 565KB)

Mr John O'Brien (PPT 698KB)

Professor Peter Crampton, Professor Tony Dowell and Dr Roshan Perera (PDF 588KB)


Eugenia Cronin, Public Health Specialist, South East London Strategic Health Authority

Health care system characteristics and delivery of primary care for depression in the UK and Australia (PDF 97KB)


Mr Robert Wells, 8th Rural Health Conference

The Future Health Workforce: Options we do and do not have (PPT 173KB)

Mr Robert Wells, CDAMS/AMC

Future Medical Training: Making the vision happen (PPT 72KB)


Mr Robert Wells, Medical Education Conference 2005

Health Leadership: The Context (PPT 38KB)

Prof Nigel Mathers & Dr Susan Nancarrow, APHCRI seminar, The Australian National University

Exploring opportunities for health research collaborations between Australia and the UK (PPT 291KB)

Ms Judith Smith, APHCRI seminar, The Australian National University

Primary care-led commissioning: risks and opportunities for policy and practice (PPT 155KB)



Professor Nicholas Glasgow, PHC RED Strategy 2004 National Meeting

Overview of APHCRI - the First Year (PPT 3.5MB)


Mr Robert Wells, Qld Divisions of General Practice

Challenges For Primary Health Care in Australia

Mr Robert Wells, PVMC

Australian Medical Workforce: Reforms and challenges (PPT 184KB)


Mr Robert Wells, The Australian National University

Safety and Quality in Australia: Challenges for the future (PPT 60KB)



A/Professor Susan Dovey

Inside the Linnaeus Collaboration: Doing General Practice research in an international group (PPT 150KB)


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